Schools and Old Age Homes


The Hang surprises everyone, the young ones… the wise ones, and everyone in between. I enjoy performing both in schools and old age homes; the reactions to those special sounds are strong… and sometimes quite emotional. Beyond simply playing my pieces, I will also explain the development, philosophy and the fascinating story of the Hang. Together we will explore the numerous aspects of this fascinating instrument.

I also bring with me numerous instruments and musical accessories (Zag Drum, Rav Drum, Sansula, rain and thunder sticks, Tibetan bowl, Tibetan bells, shakers…) to play all together: music, discovery, learning, improvisation – laughter and tears will combine in a beautiful emotional journey.






“ Thank you for your great performance, the residents of the’ Menil’ residence spent a beautiful Valentine’s day thanks to you. An out of this world instrument, with a soft, enchanting and mesmerizing sound. Another magical moment was the improvisation when residents played and improvised on all your special instruments ! ”

Anne Ector, Occupational Therapist at the ‘Menil residence

“ We were very happy with your performance and would be glad to invite you again next year”

Elodie Delahaye, teacher at the Saint.Jean Baptist Institut, Wavre