Solo @ Belgium’s Got Talent

Duo @ Belgium’s Got Talent

(Handpan, Didgeridoo & Base Pedal Multitasking)

Lalaland, by Wonderl’Hang

L’Espagnol, by Wonderl’Hang

Cavalcade, by Wonderl’Hang

Lalaland – Rickshaw & Handpan @ Winter Wonderland Brussels

Cajon box & Hang Drum, jamming

Trio avec Didgeridoo et Percussions

Jayanthi, trio avec Handpan, Didgeridoo et Sitar

Cinq Temps, duo avec Sitar et Handpan

Borderless Waltz by The Borderless Project

Chocolate Punch by The Borderless Project

La La World by The Borderless Project

PVD by The Borderless Project

Gajanahang, en guest avec l’ensemble Unissons

Cirque du Soleil artists feat Wonderl’Hang: A Playful Day

Inayath live at DADA Studio, Brussels

Silk and Pan, Serenity, Intensity, Energy

Musical Team Building

Wonderlhang @ Sunnyside studio: Souffle, Vibre, Rêve

Sound Circles – Healing Resonnance

Martune by Wonderlhang

Lalaland by Wonderlhang feat Olivier Schmitt au violon

Clip pour Prana Coaching & Training

Bruxelles Yoga Day 2020 avec The Borderless Project

Aerial acrobatics and live Handpan music show in Brussels by “Silk & Pan”