Comment choisir son Zephyr Handpan?

comment choisir

While we started in the year 2000 with one single handpan builder based in Switzerland (the Panart Hang), the family of handpan builders developed, along with the increasingly growing base of handpan enthusiasts. Today, we have reached over 200 handpan builders around the world, each developing several scales, making the quest for the right handpan an incredibly difficult task, without the right guidance.

For this reason, I have decided to work hands in hands with a top handpan makers: Zephyr Handpans, based in Southampton, UK. I actually bought 4 Zephyr Handpans for myself in June 2019. I was so astonished by their outstanding quality and price (the best price/quality ratio I’ve ever seen since almost a decade that I’ve been playing), that I thought that these would be the best instruments to recommend to my students.

I saw too many people that ended up buying expensive, low quality instruments, often in reputable music shops or music webshops. Finding the right instrument is truly a hard quest, with so much and often confusing information on the web.

I have no doubt that Zephyr Handpans is one of the best Handpan maker out there. Being played by several world renowned handpan players (Manu Delago, Daniel Waples, Alexandre Laura, Szabadi Andrea…), I am extremely proud of having the chance to represent them in Belgium.

The price of a Zephyr Handpan, accompanied by a transport case is £1295, including shipping to any EU country. Shipping outside Europe comes at a small cost.

You can have a look at a few videos here where I’m playing on the Zephyr I acquired. Enjoy!

In case you need any assistance for finding an instrument, please get in touch and I’ll happily answer all your questions regarding Zephyr Handpans, and provide you some help and guidance on this wonderful quest!

If you are unable to choose your Zephyr Handpan model then I can help you with the decision making process. Together, by identifying the different options, trying my own instruments, we identify which Zephyr Handpan is the best for you:

– what type of scale (major, minor, oriental, asian etc.) you best identify with.
– what type of resonance, sustain and sound do you prefer?
– Do you prefer a high… or a low sounding Handpan?

At the end of this session, you will know what Zephyr Handpan is best for you… and why not, order it straight away!



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