Corporate Team Building / Participative Group Activity

Creativity, working together as a group, listening, willingness to learn and leadership are some of the numerous skills that are required today in the professional world. This group workshop requires the same skills, but this time, put at the service of music, of oneself, of the group.

Together we will discover exceptional instruments as well as original musical accessories. First, we will warm up our voice, our body and develop our own personal awareness. Once relaxed and alert, then, we can start the creation of an intuitive and improvised music. We discover the instruments that I bring along. I show you how they work, you try, I correct. Once prepared, let’s go: we are ready to play and create together!

You divide yourselves into 3 groups:
The rhythmic section: percussion instruments (the Hang, drum, shaker and djembe)
The melody (the Hang, the Zag Drum, the Rav Drum and the Sansula)
The atmosphere: a whole set of musical accessories (rain and thunder sticks, Tibetan singing bowl and bell, wave drum…)


The rhythmic section will give the tempo, the stability. Some solid foundations on which we’ll add the melodic instruments. The Zag drum, the Rav Drum and the Sansula are unique instruments with an enchanting tone and very simple to use. We’ll create layers of pleasing hypnotic sounds. Last but not least, we’ll use these musical accessories to simulate sounds that we hear in nature!

You’ll have to listen to one another, take decisions to lead, let yourself go and create music on these original instruments: a new and special experience that will leave noone indifferent.

If logistics allow, you can even, at the end of the activity, give a surprise concert – an opportunity to perform in front of an invited public – some will experience this for the first time !

I will bring all the necessary equipment: you just have to bring your smile, good mood, willingness to learn and try out new skills, discover and create.


«J’ai découvert Gérard lors d’un atelier de méditation. Peu de temps après m’est venue l’idée de faire appel à lui et ses fabuleux instruments pour co-animer un team building d’entreprise… et ce fut un réel succès !
Je peux aussi témoigner de son professionnalisme, tout était parfait. Gérard a soutenu musicalement et avec beaucoup de poésie des animations en mouvements et des méditations, le groupe était ravi et moi aussi. Merci Gérard!»

“Laurent Kahn, Coach & Trainer Coach at BAO Group”

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