I have already performed in Belgium and abroad, both solo as well as in projects with other musicians in festivals, cultural centres, concert halls, cabarets, museums, art gallery openings, hospitals, bars, restaurants, markets, hotel lobbies.

Are you considering a solo, duet, trio, quartet or quintet performance? Then get in touch… and let’s do this together!

Musicians with whom I currently work
this list is in constant evolution :


“I enjoyed the first part of your show that transported me to another world. I appreciated the unique tones of your instrument, the creativity of your compositions and the educational quality of your explanations. During the break, several members of the public thanked me of helping out a young and talented musician. I simply accomplished my duty… with all my best wishes of success.”

Yves Vander Cruysen, Municipal conciliar for culture, Waterloo

“We do not really know who is whose instrument? Gerard or his Hang? Whatever it is, the soul of his unique melodies is transmitted to his listeners with a contagious delectation ! ”

Bénédicte Willot, Project and Communications Manager, L’Entrela’ – Evere Cultural Centre