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« The Borderless Project » is the unique encounter of Sitar, Handpan and Didgeridoo, three extraordinary instruments; accompanied by various percussions! We invite you on a special journey, combining world music, acoustic trance and zen music. Enchanting and hypnotic melodies, groovy beats and powerful vibrant waves of sound unite for your pleasure. Sit down, relax, take a deep breath… and enjoy the journey!


joachim sitarust

Joachim Lacrosse is both musician and professor of philosophy. After a long time practicing classical and jazz guitar, he falls in love with a sitar, October 1999 in Varanasi, North India. He starts learning there under Raj Bhan Singh, then heads south to Bangalore, South India, and learns under Rama Rao, and later under his daughter Sadhana Rao. Joachim founded the project “Sitardust” in 2012 and has performed at numerous festivals and cultural centers in Belgium and abroad.





ikea picGérard started music with piano as an adolescent. Discovering the Hang/ Handpan in 2011 changed his life; he was fascinated by this curious instrument and its beautiful sound. Obtaining a Hang was a true quest at the time, it took him 2 years of searching before purchasing his first instrument. Since, Gérard teaches Handpan and performs solo and his various projects projets (The Borderless Project, Wonderlhang, Le Grand Départ, Silk & Pan) in festivals, cultural centers, schools, bars, various types of private, public and corporate events. He also travelled through Europe giving street performances, and arrived in semi-finals in Belgium’s Got Talent.



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