Inayath 1The name of the band comes from the merging of feminine and masculine energies. ‘Inayat’ feminine indian name which means ‘bounty of the heart’ and ‘Nayath’ masculine indian name which means ‘guidance and rightousness’. INAYATH means and vibrates “Be guided by the bounty of the heart”.

The band offers revisited traditional sacred chants, guided sound meditations and chanelled healing tonings with mongolian shamanic influences, tantric sacred chants also gregorian traditional tones, in a very ethic and ethnic ways of composing and arranging with Didgeridoo’s, guitar, throat singings, mantras, ethnic percussions, sitar, hang pan & Vast harmonic percussions, etc… Very sacred moments lived through the Heart, feets on Earth, head in the Stars!

The band was possible through the collaboration with Gérard Spencer (one of the famous hang players in Belgium). The band based in Brussels, Belgium starts begining of 2016 by the souls meeting/crossing of Robin Scott Fleming (film music producer, relaxation and organic music composer, musician guitarist, singer) and Laurent De Vecchi (Sound Healer, Yoga of Sound teacher and practionner, Sacred Chants Singer and initiator of the UNISSONS Sacred Music Events projects). The project of merging talents, souls, intuitions, sensitivities and sound healing direction went very fast and so naturally.

Than Mirko Bozzetto (Didgeridoo and harmonic chanting Kargyraa style) joined them. They do welcome great musicians and sensitive souls like Joachim Lacrosse (Sitar), Fanny Muller (Sound Healer and sacred chants singer) and Nazgulya Shukaeva from Ukraine!

The band is produced by the SOUND CIRCLES Label specialized in holistic music (meditation, relaxation, shamanic …). Level is high in terms of quality (acoustic only, no synth, ambisonic recording…), which already recorded 3 albums with the artists (Robin Scott Fleming / Laurent De Vecchi / INAYATH…) and signs a deal with Jean-Paul Dessy for his meditations records (3 albums). The label is born at the mythic Dada Studios in Brussels, Belgium.

Their music and profound sounds are diffused live in Holographic Acoustic technology using Mundus transductors/speakers from Germany, an brand-new and innovative acoustics for sound healing and hear rehabilitation.



Laurent De Vecchi

Robin Scott Fleming
Guitar, Percussions, electronics…

Mirko Bozzetto

Joachim Lacrosse